Oly Goncalves

Volunteer at Stafford Group

Hi, I’m Oly, Sofía’s mum. Regarding my competences, I’m a preschool teacher and a professional baker, although I’m not currently practising. Originally, I’m from Venezuela and with my husband, we’ve been in the UK since 2012. Having our whole family in another country has made the motherhood experience harder and lonelier than usual for me.

I had postnatal anxiety and constant intrusive thoughts after everything I lived with my daughter, due to a UTI that hindered her expected weight gain in her first month of age. Unlike other mothers in this group, I wasn’t under the perinatal team’s care nor did I have a formal diagnosis from a doctor or health visitor, despite having expressed my feelings to the latter. However, I knew that those overwhelming thoughts and feelings I was living with wasn’t supposed to be there, however manageable it might be at that moment.

Coincidentally, this group started around that time. I had my doubts about whether I should be here or not. After the first session, I realised that I needed help and this group was my first step towards it. Since then, I’m under therapy with a psychologist from my country while I complement my recovery process, assisting this group. That’s why, months after sharing with these amazing mums every Friday and feeling part of the Sunflower’s family, I felt the need to join as a volunteer and help other mothers in any way possible.