Alice Harris

Volunteer Stafford Sunflowers Group

I’m Alice, I’m 38 and work as a Learning Officer in a museum. I had my daughter, Mabel, 7 years ago and was diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety fairly quickly. The birth didn’t go to plan, I couldn’t breastfeed, Mabel had colic, struggled to put on weight and just cried 24/7. I was lucky to be diagnosed so quickly and receive help from the perinatal team but I will always remember that time as very dark and lonely, with a never-ending sense of fear.

Years later I stumbled across Sunflowers Facebook page and just thought it sounded like an amazing group and how it would have been exactly what I needed all those years ago. I offered my free time straight away and became a volunteer at the Stafford group.

I love my Sunflower Friday’s now and feel lost if I don’t attend. It’s been a privilege getting to know all the amazing, strong, resilient mums at group. I also love all the baby cuddles! I hope I provide a friendly face, a listening ear and an understanding of what it is like with a little one when it doesn’t feel like ‘the best time of your life’, and everyone around you says it should.