Hannah Bond

Volunteer Stafford

Hi I am Hannah I’m 28 and I work for the fire service.

Hi I’m also Hannah and I am mum of a beautiful baby girl who is nearly 2.This dual role is still something I am trying to come to terms with and above all trying to make sense of this new identity is something I know I am not alone with.

I have never found the words to write about my ‘experience’ after having Skye to this day. However one thing I am clear about is that Sunflower Family Support Group helped me immensely during what was and still is some days a difficult time. My experience has shaped me as a person and also my understanding and perception around mental health.

If I could summarise my experiences with one piece of advice it would be “Speak up, you are not alone, an illness is not weakness.”

I have made many friends so far and I really look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!